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Water Finding Paste

For testing for the presence of water at the bottom of fuel storage tanks. Suitable only for use with Petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas oil, heating oil, heavy oil, and lubricating oil applied to a rod / length of string with bottom weight, the brown paste changes color to brilliant red where it comes into contact with water, giving you a visual indication as to the depth of the water present.

Content: 85g
Quantity: One Piece
Made in USA

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Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste is golden brown in color and turns brilliant red upon contact with water. This product will successfully gauge water content in all petroleum and hydrocarbons as well as sulfuric acids, nitric acids, hydrochloric acids, ammonia soap solutions, salt and other chloride solutions.

Directions for use

Place a thin film of kolor kut water finding paste on a clean gauge line or rod approximately where water level is expected to appear. Lower tape into tank until bottom is reached. Level will appear by positive contrast of colors. Instantaneous in gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and gas oils. Heavy oils require a few seconds.




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