Klinger universal 3XA
Bison Kit 4000 ml Universal Contact Adhesive, Made in Holland


  • Crystal clear
  • Very high final bond strength
  • Permanently elastic
  • Can be used indoor and outdoors
  • Paintable (test first)
  • Good filling capacity
  • Resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +100°C
  • Water, UV and weather resistant
  • 100% adhesive (non-shrinking)
  • Bonds to slightly moist substrates
  • Cure rate 2mm/24hrs
  • Solvent-free
  • Mould proof
  • Excellent adherence without primer
  • Acid-free, odourless
  • With resealable nozzle

Content : 425 g
Quantity: One Piece
Price: Inclusive of All Taxes

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Product Description

Universal, crystal clear construction adhesive and sealant based on unique SM Polymer technology. For bonding, fixing, and sealing at the same time. Suitable for practically all (building) materials and all surfaces (even and uneven, porous and non-porous). Crystal clear, extra strong, and permanently elastic. Replaces construction adhesive, wood adhesive, wood construction adhesive, PU-adhesive, silicone, and acrylic sealant.

Field of Application Bonding: </ e.g. glass, stone, natural stone, concrete, plasterwork, many plastics, wood, chipboard, trespass, iron, aluminum, zinc, steel, stainless steel and other metals, ceramic tiles, cork mirrors.
Fixing: e.g. skirting boards, laths, timber framework, window sills, doorsteps, roof fascias, paneling and insulation material, gypsum boards, polystyrene ornaments, and decorative edgings.
Sealing: Applications in construction: connecting joints in (plastic) window frames, roof fascias, roofs, roof gutters, walls, skylights, and chimneys. Sealing joints between window panes and frames. Not suitable for polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), PTFE, PA (nylon), acrylic glass (plexiglass), and bitumen.

Bonding and fixing:  Cut off nozzle to a diameter of at least 0.5cm.
Sealing:  Cut off nozzle slantwise at required joint width.
Bonding and fixing:  Apply adhesive evenly in vertical stripes or dots (every 10-40cm). Always apply adhesive at corners and along edges of board material. Attach materials within10 minutes and press firmly or tap lightly with a rubber mallet. If necessary, secure or support heavy materials for 24 hours.
Sealing:  Inject adhesive sealant evenly into joint and tool within 10 minutes with a moist putty knife, sealant smoother of the finger (preferably wetted with soap water without lemon). Tool vertical joints from bottom to top. Surface skin after approx 15 minutes. Complete cure after a few days (depending on layer thickness).


Application temperature:+5  and:+40  clean stains and tools with white spirits. Died adhesive residue can only be removed mechanically store well sealed, in a dry cool, and frost-free place.Limited shelf life after opening.Not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE, and bitumen.safety data sheet available on request.

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