Sprayon Clear Varnish USA

Sprayon Clear insulating Varnish Aerosol EL600, Content: 432g, Made in USA


Content: 432g
Quantity: One Piece
Made in USA

Product Description

Sprayon® EL600 Red Insulating Varnish Aerosol is an insulating spray for general coating, impregnating and insulating electrical and electronic work. Excellent adhesion, flexibility, and water resistance. Protects surface against oils, moisture, acid and alkalis. Meets NEMA & UL Class F Requirements.

Top Features based on the 15.25 oz Aerosol

  • Dielectritic Strength: 2,600VPM
  • NEMA & UL Temperature Class: 310°F / 155°C
  • Color: Clear
  • Nozzle Type: EZ-Touch™
  • HMIS Rating: H:2, F:4, R:0

At a Glance

  • Air dries In 10 minutes
  • Meets NEMA & UL Class F Requirements
  • Resists oil, moisture, acids and alkalis
  • Meets performance requirements of ASTM D115-07 4.2


Small field and magnet coils, motor windings, field coils, transformers, armatures, commutator ends, stator windings, ring and frames, bus bars, sealing electrical, switchboard parts and electronic components.