Permatex the Right Stuff 1 Minute Gasket GREY Gasket Maker

Permatex 1 Min Greay RS Carded AE Gasket, C0ntent 85g, Made in USA


Min Order Qty: 12 Set

Product Description

Just torque and go! This handy size package contains enough material to completely replace two or three large cut gaskets. Specifically designed to perform under higher torque loads associated with engines having closely spaced bolt patterns (typically import vehicles). This product is blowout resistant, allowing leakproof gaskets to be made and put into service in just one minute. Sensor-safe, the Right Stuff® GREY seals instantly, forming a reliable, long lasting elastomeric rubber gasket that outperforms precut gaskets. Specified by major import OEMs, this material is resistant to powertrain fluids (oil, coolant, and ATF) and operates in environments to 450°F (232°C) continuous; 500°F (260°C) intermittent. ApplicationAdditional InformationTech DocsInstructio