Magic depoxy steel

Magic Large Depoxy Steel 5 Minutes


Tough Durable Metal mender and Filler
Content: 460g
Quantity: One Set
Made in Pakistan

Product Description

Magic Depoxi Steel is the fastest curing, toughest mender. It has tremendous strength and durability. It can be applied as thick as needed in single application. No need to build up in thin layers since it dries by chemical reaction of the resin and hardener, rather than by air evaporation. Can be sanded, filled, drilled, tapped or threaded when dry and becomes extremely hard, solid metal within 4 to 20 minutes after application. No heat or pressure needed.

Thus, repairs on mining and earth moving equipment can often be completed in the field with tremendous savings in downtime and money.

How to Use:

Magic Depoxi Steel stops leakage in Radiator, Water body, Petrol tank, Petrol line and Oil line. Cracked Heads can be easily repaired with Magic Depoxi Steel.